8 Most Dangerous Cliff Jumps in the World


5. La Quebradas 

Another popular cliff jumping spot in Mexico, the La Quebradas cliff divers are world-famous for jumping 135 feet into the Pacific Ocean. Tourists can watch the divers climb the cliff, pray at the shrine at the top and then jump. With a shallow landing, divers must time their jump so they hit the water when the waves are at their highest or risk hitting the bottom. There are also night shows with divers making the leap while holding torches. A popular viewing spot for the spectacle is the patio of the Hotel El Mirador which is available for $5.

La Quebradas cliffs

6. Mazatlan

Mazatlan is a lesser known cliff jumping location in Mexico. It is in the Parque Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada oceanside park and divers jump off a high platform into shallow water. Like other shallow locations, divers must time their jump with the incoming waves to avoid hitting the water when the depth is only six feet deep. The Mazatlan cliff diving performances are generally held around noon and then again in the late afternoon. Unlike some other performances, these can be viewed free of charge.

Mazatlan Cliff Diving
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