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11 Jaw-Dropping Gardens From Around The World

Historically, the description of a garden has been characterized as everything from vegetable to floral, manicured to overgrown, manmade to natural. Varying greatly by region and culture, the existence and evolution of this type of designated outdoor space cannot be adequately explained in one all-encompassing definition; it can however be simply described as having 2 universal characteristics: nature and tranquility. So, to showcase the amazing collaboration between human talent and Mother Nature, here are 11 exquisite gardens around the world that are sure to bring not only extreme peace, but genuine appreciation to anyone visits them.

11. Mount Stewart, Northern Ireland

Found on the eastern coast of Northern Ireland, about 25 km from Belfast, the gardens at Mount Stewart are frequently recognized as some of the most beautiful in the world. The estate was built in the mid-1880s for the Marquesses of Londonderry under the leadership of architects George Dance and Vitruvius Morrison. Along with the world-renowned gardens, the property includes the main residence building, a variety of outbuildings and monuments and the Vane-Tempest-Stewart family burial ground. Today, the estate is owned and maintained by the National Trust and visitors can explore both the house and the spectacular grounds, which feature the sunk garden, shamrock garden and Italian garden, to name a few. Lady Londonderry was known for her love of Irish and Greek Mythology, and elements from both of these traditions can be seen along the walkways of both the formal gardens and the more wooded, natural grounds.

10. Dumbarton Oaks, USA

This stunning escape in the heart of Washington DC was once the private residence and gardens of Robert Woods Bliss and his wife Mildred. In the 1940s, the couple donated the lower portion of their 53- acre property to the United States Government for the creation of a public park, and the upper portion to Harvard University for research in Byzantine studies and landscape art. Today, the formal gardens of the Harvard building and the more ‘naturistic’ public park are the two components of the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, a property that still retains much of the design created by Mildred Bliss and lead landscape architect Beatrix Farrand. Visitors can marvel at this stunning (and quiet!) piece of beauty hidden away amid the bustle of the Georgetown neighborhood and appreciate the meticulously thought out details of the garden, from each center piece tree to the strategically placed benches and urns. Originally created to mimic the feel of ‘country’ in the city, this garden definitely delivers and is the perfect place to snag some peace in an otherwise hectic place.

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