10 Best Spots to Catch the Most Spectacular Sunset

10 Best Spots to Catch the Most Spectacular Sunset

Imagine kicking back on a beach or sitting perched atop a stunning cliff while reminiscing about all the adventures of the day. There is something extremely rewarding about watching the sun go down. And we’ve got ten spots around the world where you can watch that glowing ball erupt into the horizon in all of its glory.

Let yourself be dazzled by our top picks for where in the world you can catch the most spectacular sunset…

1. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

The unique rock formation form a literally point over Bryce Canyon National Park as the sun majestically sets over the desert, creating the most epic view in the west.

Bryce Canyon Sunset

2. Mount Agung, Bali

Sure, the trek up Mount Agung, in Bali, is an arduous one. However, the pay out for your effort is well worth every drop of sweat and blister. The sweeping view across the lake to Mount Batur (another well known peak in Bali) is downright awe-inspiring.

Mount Batur, Bali
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