Australia’s 6 Most Amazing Rainforests

Australia’s 6 Most Amazing Rainforests

Australia is better known for its picturesque landscapes and relaxing beaches with tropical areas in the northern part. Many travel the country to explore their incredible rainforests that offer lush and enchanting areas in what some consider the most beautiful part of the country.

1. Queensland

Queensland is unique because it offers five climatic types of rainforests that include tropical, cool temperate, warm temperate, subtropical, and dry. The Daintree Rainforest is one of the most popular areas to explore for its flowing river that runs through it and how it connects to the sea. Here, you’ll find 30 percent of the reptile species and 65 percent of the bat and butterfly species in the country.

The Kuranda Rainforest and The Daintree is known as the oldest tropical rainforest on the planet.

 Australian Rainforests - Queensland

2. Tasmania

Tasmania is unique in that it is the only island of Australia and located in the south of the country. Also known as the “Island of Inspiration,” its offers stunning views in the temperate rainforest with a cool climate and plenty of species found nowhere else on earth.

Its canopy of trees shade the environment for an overgrowth of tree ferns and mosses to create translucent views. Protected by the Conservation Covenant, this rainforest stretches over 10 percent of the state and is void of climbing plants or palms. This quiet area also has fungi covering the floors of the rainforest with musical sounds that include birds and insects.

Australian Rainforests - Tasmania
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