8 Things to Know Before Traveling to Rome

8 Things to Know Before Traveling to Rome

You’ve heard the saying: “When in Rome, do what the Romans do”. The people of Rome are generally quite welcoming and used to tourists. However, just because you wouldn’t think of taking off your shoes and dipping them in a public fountain in North America; doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in Rome—actually, it can be viewed as downright offensive. So do yourself a favor and brush up on our “Know Before you Go” etiquette when it comes to visiting Rome…

1. Do not accept gifts from strangers on the street

You might think that nice gentleman is offering you flowers because he likes your smile. However, those folks handing you roses, small toys or trinkets, bracelets, and miniature holy pictures expect money in return. The best thing to do is to refuse what they’re offering with a “no grazie” and keep walking or give them a few coins so they stop hassling you. Otherwise, you may find yourself being yelled at in the beautiful city of Rome.

2. Keep an Eye on your Purse or Wallet

Rome is the pick-pocket capital of Italy, which is why it’s vital that you keep an extra-vigilant eye on your wallet, cell phone, camera, or purse at all times, and never leave your money in an accessible backpack or pants pocket. Pick-pockets will try to strike as you get on and off buses by brushing up against you or snatching your bag and running as buses unload.

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