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8 Things to Do in New Orleans for an Authentic Experience

There are few cities in the world with more flavor (literally) or more unique experiences then New Orleans. The Big Easy, is famous for its vibrant jazz, a fascinating history, put in place as much by events as by geography, and a rich food and drink culture. While you could pretty much savor what New Orleans has to offer simply by strolling the lively streets, there are a few stops you may want to make to make your experience authentic.

8. Stroll Bourbon St.

Regarded as gaudy and crowded by some, a trip to Bourbon St. is an essential component of a trip to New Orleans. Even if flashing neon, getting a drink from a to-go window and  loud music are not your cup of tea, you’ve got to go just to see it. To miss it would be like going to Las Vegas and not visiting the strip. If crowds are bothersome to you, visit earlier in the day. Although the sidewalks and cobblestones are populated at all hours, the day time tends to be a little less jam packed.

7. Discover Frenchmen St.

Jazz fans (and live music fans of any kind) take note; Frenchmen St. is a must-see. A few blocks removed from Bourbon St., some describe Frenchmen St. as what Bourbon St. was 30 years ago. Decidedly quieter and less infused with neon, Frenchmen St. is about the music, which rolls pleasantly from the doors and windows of the numerous clubs that line this street. Stroll leisurely and stop when a melody grabs you. You can expect to see some pretty show-stopping performances from street musicians on this street. The caliber of talent here in this musical city is impressive.

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