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7 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities and Towns in the U.S.

The family vacation is another one of America’s favorite pastimes. Every year, millions of citizens pack their bags and head out in search of fun and relaxation. Popular cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando, become flooded with tourists. However, the struggling economy has caused many people to think outside the box. While not as popular, there are plenty of remarkable cities to visit in this country. Here is a list of seven of the most underrated towns and cities in the United States.

Lincoln Nebraska7. Lincoln, Nebraska

When most people think of the state of Nebraska, images of rolling hills and rugged landscapes come to mind. The city of Lincoln, however, has become a modern diamond in the rough. It has high-end shopping, quality museums, and a wide variety of nightclubs. There is also a wonderful exhibit showing the evolution of Nebraska over the past 100 years.


  • http://www.MikalBelicove.com Mikal E. Belicove

    If your only basis for these so-called “Beautiful and Underrated Cities and Towns” is that they’re not as popular as New York, Los Angels and Orlando, then that’s a pretty weak starting point for a list such as this one. And seriously… these are the “most” beautiful and underrated cities and towns? Not to take anything away from any of them, but that billing doesn’t even come close to the truth! The cities and towns that you named here have all already been recognized for their beauty, charm and attributes. Next time, instead of writing for an eyeball count, how about a list that actually lives up to its billing?

    • Blake

      U mad bro?

      • Jay

        No he’s speaking the truth. This list is a joke and these destinations are NOWHERESVILLE, USA.

  • azdk

    St. Pete should be higher.

  • RB

    Well, you did venture west of the Mississippi River, but only once and only by about 200 miles. I guess you should have added “eastern” and “mostly hot and humid” to your title. Get real dude- there are plenty of places in the west that fit the bill. Charleston is great, but Virginia Beach? I’ve been there. Seriously?!!!

  • Sparky

    Yuck!!!! Trust me – Tunica is no vacation spot.

  • Luke Shabro

    I live in Virginia Beach and I wouldn’t come here on vacation. The beaches here are average at best. Not a bad place to live overall but I would be disappointed if I came here on vacation. You want nice beaches? Go to Tampa or the west coast.

  • Noah Gekiere

    Traverse City, Michigan

  • Mark Bernard Donner

    Jamestown is not the oldest existing settlement in the United States. St. Augustine, FL was settled in 1565, almost fifty years older than Jamestown.

  • Joseph Zigashane

    Baltimore City, MD & Washington, D.C

  • http://www.londondrivers.com/chelsea-taxis/ Catherine

    I would love to visit Florida one day.

  • alliekat9090

    I live in St. Pete and it’s everything said here and MORE.

  • Jay

    LOL! Yea right, these opinions coming from a no name site? Oh, and thanks for forcing us to click continuously to read the full list just to increase your page views- cheapest trick in the book and so low brow. Please, these places are old, tired, and set in their ways. They’re like retirement communities which is why the smart, talented, young people escape at the first opportunity they get and move to more progressive thinking/acting cities. Move along folks, nothing to see here.