11 Awesome Adult Summer Camps in the United States

11 Awesome Adult Summer Camps in the United States

Being a kid has its major perks, including the awesome summer camps that your parents use to ship you off to each summer. But then you had to grow up and those long days of camp were over. Good news though, companies and people all over the United States are recognizing that we all need a little summer camp experience in our lives. Nowadays whether you are looking for a getaway complete with beer pong, slip n’ slides and water trampolines, or looking to hone your survival skills for the zombie apocalypse; there is a summer camp for you. Here are 12 awesome adults only summer camps in the United States.

11. Moab Under Canvas -Moab, Utah

For those adult campers who are looking for a thrilling adrenaline packed summer camp, Moab Under Canvas is perfect for you. Described as a scout camp for grownups, this camp is all about adventure during the day and luxury camping at night. Whether you want to raft the Colorado River for a day, take a hot air balloon over the sandstone valleys or take a guided rock climbing tour, Moab has you covered. From hiking to mountain biking to horseback riding, we promise you will never be bored. Luxury accommodations include deluxe tents complete with private bathrooms and real wood floors, secluded suites with a separate bedroom and wood burning stove and traditional tipis. Expect campfires, s’more making and more at this awesome grown up summer camp.

10. Coney Island’s Sideshow School -Coney Island, New York

Have you ever dreamed about running away and joining the circus? If so, your dream just got a little closer to reality with Coney Islands’ Sideshow School in New York. Depending on whether you want to learn how to hammer a nail into your skull or you are more interested in burlesque, will depend on which program you should sign up for. The sideshow skill is perhaps the most intriguing as campers will learn acts such as fire eating, snake charming, sword swallowing and more. This summer program runs for three days and a price of $1000, we have to imagine that this program is beyond epic. Who knows, maybe you will be the next performer up on stage at the Coney Island Circus Sideshow.

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