10 Things to See and Do in Seattle

10 Things to See and Do in Seattle

Seattle has a reputation for cloudy skies, coffee cups and software development. But those infamous rainy days ensure some of the bluest skies ever seen when the clouds finally lift. The increasing number of tech companies are responsible for attracting workers from all over the world, enlivening the city’s culture to no end. And the coffee? That’s just what fuels locals and tourists alike, whether they’re taking in an exhibit, attending a sporting event or simply wandering the city’s neighborhoods. Read on for 10 things that definitely must be done in Seattle.

10. Wander Through Olympic Sculpture Park

Even those who don’t necessarily fancy themselves as art lovers will find themselves charmed by the Olympic Sculpture Park. The city of Seattle took a formerly industrial site, north of downtown and edging the waterfront, and turned it into nine acres of green space, throughout which paths meander through works of art. The scenery, too, is a work of art in itself: it’s hard to choose whether Alexander Calder’s “Eagle”, a soaring red monument to flight, or the Olympic Mountains glimpsed across Puget Sound are more beautiful. The park, open daily and with no admission charge, is part of the Seattle Art Museum. SAM, on the other end of Seattle’s compact downtown, features a large collection of Native American carvings, as well as Asian art and more sculptures. It’s free on the first Thursday of each month.

Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

9. Take a Ride on a Ferry Boat

There’s nothing like taking a ferry away from the city to get a feel for Seattle. The Washington State Ferry is the largest in the United States, operating 10 routes, with two leaving from downtown Seattle. Pedestrians and cars alike can ride the ferries, but for a fun getaway, grab a bike and head to Bainbridge Island, 35 minutes away. The trip across the Puget Sound is likely to be spectacular – barring rain, of course – with views of jagged mountains rising up from the water. The island, too, is beautiful, with rolling hills, quiet roads and plenty of trails to choose from. Bikes can also be rented on the island itself, or those seeking more time in the water can choose to kayak instead. On the return trip, bundle up warm and stand on the deck to take advantage of amazing views of the Seattle skyline.

Ferry Boat in Seattle
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