10 Things to See and Do in Grand Canyon National Park

10 Things to See and Do in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most spectacular places to visit in the United States. You can spend many days exploring some of the most impressive natural beauty in the world. It’s best, however, if you have a plan before you visit so you don’t miss any of the best spots. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t miss on your trip.

1. Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Grand Canyon National Park Visitor Center

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This is a good place to start out on your visit to Grand Canyon National Park, as it will give you an overview of what you can find. There are both outdoor and indoor exhibits, including a 3D relief map that has videos that feature many areas of the Grand Canyon.
You can watch the film, Grand Canyon: A Journey of Wonder that will introduce you to many of the park’s attractions. The Visitor Center is located on the South Rim by Mather Point.

2. Mule Trips

There’s no better way to see the Grand Canyon than riding on a mule. This can give you the feeling of being a pioneer from another era. There are both South Rim and North Rim mule trips. South Rim trips, which are year round, are more popular and you should book well in advance. North Rim mule trips are only available from mid-May to October and can be arranged on a daily basis.
Mule Trips - Grand Canyon National Park

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