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9 Most Overrated Cities in the US

Moving – or traveling – to a new place is something that can really make life worth it. While traveling in any form is pretty amazing, there just are some cities in the United States that aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they should be skipped altogether, it just means that a person should temper their expectations should they choose to visit them.

Here, we’ll list the top 9 cities that we consider to be vastly overrated.

Boston9. Boston

Most Americans love their history. If you’re planning to visit Boston for that aspect, you’ll assuredly appreciate the city. It’s beautiful in that regard. For many, that’s kind of where it ends. Not only has it been viewed as one of the least friendly cities in the US, but it’s also one that has a massive superiority complex. A lot of this has to come from their cultural significance, as well as their perceived excellence of their sports teams.


  • Joe Romeo

    The City of Colorado…. Your “team of dedicated writers” might want to try looking at a map first.

  • Dave Thomas

    Uhh yeah, that’s totally Denver from city park.

  • Eric Stephens

    This article is null and void when you consider Colorado a city instead of a State. Number 2, are you referring to Portland Oregon or Maine. Number 3, Asheville doesn’t have bad traffic. Have you even to a big city that has traffic?? Pish Posh

    • The Annoyed Elephant

      I was thinking the same thing about Asheville. Traffic’s pretty simple. Sure, 240 can get clogged during rush hour, but so can every other city on the planet.

  • Larissa Pearson

    It’s “Keep Austin weird” not “weed.” This “author” is the one that is way too overrated in his own mind.

    • Restless_1

      Actually, if you’ve been to Austin, “weed” works too. :)

      • Jaime

        Especially during the Reggae Festival :)

  • justjoeindenver

    Yup. That’s definitely Denver. I mean, c’mon – the United Bank building isn’t a bit of a clue?

  • Shawn

    I normally don’t comment (troll) articles I disagree with. However, Stuart, you’re a moron. It’s too easy to slam you for putting an entire state on a “cities” list, but you may want to visit these places before you write an article. It’s apparent you haven’t been to most of these, and obvious you haven’t spent any lengthy time in any.

  • saywhatsaywhat

    Asheville is close to being Seattled. Too many annoying hipsters have moved there. They let the news out on what a nice place it is/was. And the roads there have always been farked. I think they were designed by monkeys.

    • jeffJ1

      Asheville needs about 3 million more people before it will be Seattled.

  • David Monroe

    “2. Los Angeles
    Los Angeles is a city that’s all style, but it’s also the one with the smallest amount of substance. To find the semblance of substance that it does have, you’ll have to drive at least an hour to get to it.”

    WTF Kind of writing is that? There’s no substance in the comment. I’ve never been to L.A., my knee jerk opinion of it is that’s it’s over rated and not a place I want to be sure, but seriously, no experiences, no citation of any sort, no reasons. As far as I can tell my knee jerk opinion has just as much validity, substance, and research as this summary of the authors opinion, only my summary didn’t have a grade school level insult attached.

    • http://selfguidedfilmschool.wordpress.com mgarcia20

      Your knee-jerk reaction is pretty much right. I’m a born-and-bred New Yorker who lives in LA. Don’t let the assumptions about LA fool you. It ain’t bad. You just have to avoid the tourist crap, and you’ll find plenty of brainy culture, good food, and interesting (non-shallow) people.

      • bbtrixie

        I’ll take that opinion coming from a New Yorker. I thought it was “air-head” city as well, but if a New Yorker thinks its ok, I’ll take your word for it :)

  • http://absentelemental.wordpress.com/ Tim

    I’m surprised there’s no mention of the City of Townsville. It makes just as much sense as the City of Colorado.

    • CantBanThis

      No way. The City of Townsville is AWESOME. The Town of Cityville, though…..those people can suck it.

      • David Monroe

        In fairness it’s not usually the people of Townsville causing the problems.

  • Clarke

    University of Phoenix? Phoenix is my favourite state!

  • TheBigM

    What a maroon.

  • Chaghatai

    I know deadlines suck, but the fact someone got paid for this lazy collection of stereotypes makes my head hurt.

  • El Fields

    I’m pretty sure this journalist hasn’t left his home state (aka “city”). Mostly stereotypes, some just factual errors.

  • Chris

    Austin isn’t over rated as much as it’s an oasis in a seas of ignorance. When compared to the mindset of the rest of Texas, Austin is amazing. I live in the Houston area and the humidity kills us down here. Went to Austin and walked around for 30 min’s before breaking a sweat. I step out for 1 min here and I’m drenched. Again, when compared to the rest of the state it’s not a bad place.

    • Dusty Rhodes

      Austin may be in TX, but there is very little of TX in Austin.

      • Jaime

        I tell people all the time I’m from Austin, not Texas lol

    • ACV2233

      Austin is a small city filled with way too many very small town people who think it’s an extraordinary city. It is WAY over-rated. The people here are mostly slops in orange shirts who honestly, and I mean seriously think they invented gays, tats and restaurant food.

  • Anyone

    How is it possible that Denver didn’t make this list?

    • Jasmine Adamson

      Denver is consistently under-rated. People think it’s cold here, for example – tourists don’t know we have maybe 2-3 snow storms per year. The experience compared to the expectation doesn’t stack Denver anywhere near those other cities.


    I used to live in Asheville. It is freakville. When you are on the square you see the guy with the orange hair walking holding hands with the guy who has green hair. Every night all the homeless hippies gather on Prichart Park downtown, chant and play bongos. Then there are another group of homeless hippies on Pac Square. And the stupid city tells them they are welcome. More witches covens than any place I’ve ever lived. Grateful I was able to move our of there

    • jeffJ1

      You know that you just described every city in the US right?

    • Lilli Rayne

      Witches covens you say?! YES! I live in the best city EVER. Wait …. I’m Pagan. Why have I never seen this alleged witchcraft? And why do the hippies not play at the park anymore? I live only a block away! Booooo! You sucked all the fun away, Grinch.

    • gareebee

      Orange-haired guy with Green-haired guy? How did I miss that? Only drum (not bongos) playing I ever heard in Pritchard Park was on Friday nights in the warm months and it was a cross-section of folks of all kinds. All the ones I know are productive citizens with homes of their own. Witches Covens? Been here 25 years and haven’t seen one. Nah. I don’t think you ever lived here. Enjoy Hendersonville!

  • Lee Miller

    HA! I KNEW New Orleans was a much better city than Boston! GEAUX NOLA!

  • jeffJ1

    I guess the stupidest ideas get assigned to the worst writers.

    • George Sedares

      Thank You- I could not have said it better !

  • http://www.thedailyattack.com TheRequiem

    This one of the dumbest and non factual lists I have ever read. Especially after I saw Las Vegas on there. Las Vegas is an AWESOME place to visit, whoever wrote this annoys me.

  • glide42

    Those are 9 of the most fun cities in the country. I bet the writer is a blast to hangout with.

  • Bikeridinman

    Yes. Austin is WAY overrated. Anyone considering moving here should reconsider.

    • Restless_1

      Eh, Austin’s fine, save for 140 days every two years. THAT is when it gets weird.

    • Stephen Cook

      I see what you did there. High five.

  • Laurel

    Weird – there is never traffic in Asheville. Is it hard to find parking because we didn’t demolish buildings for parking lots and structures during the 90′s like most cities? Yes – parking does suck. But guess what, we’re a small town and you can walk/ride almost anywhere. One of the best parts of living in Asheville is that it takes just minutes to get across town. And most of the time there is only a handful of cars on the main highways. And these woes are only pertain to tourist season — summer and early fall. This place is like a ghost town during off months.

  • Steve Beisner

    So any city that has a shred of distinctiveness and character is overrated?
    Dumb idea. Dumb article.

  • Rachel

    The city slogan is keep Austin weird. Not keep Austin weed. Yikes on THAT typo.

  • Matt

    This is stupid and pointless

  • David

    The writer of this articel should move to a national park or somewhere with a lot of trees so he can hang himself and put himself out of his own misery lol… I have been to all but one of these cities and they are all great in there own ways. This guys an idiot!!

  • Asher Cohen

    “Keep Austin weird. This is something that has become a slogan for the city.”

    This is possibly the most poorly written article I have ever read. Was this written by an eighth grader?

  • Jaime

    Keep Austin Weird has BEEN the slogan of this city….it didn’t just become the slogan. And you’re only complaint is that it’s hot…really? It’s hot every damn where in the summertime! WTF And we don’t TRY to stand out from the crowd WE DO and always have. Check the voting history of this town. We’re the most liberal, democratic city in Texas.

    • therza82

      Only bad thing about Austin is that it is surrounded by Texas.

      Well, I take that back. San Antonio/San Marcos area isn’t bad, either. The blue haven in the middle of a red state, not to mention safe from Tornado alley to the North and the disaster that is Houston, with crazy humidity and heat, flooding, yearly risk of being hit by a Hurricane, not to mention having possibly the worst air pollution in the U.S., due to it being the home of the Oil and Gas industry and having little to none in the way of environmental regulations.

      • Brandon Johns

        People like you belong in places like North Korea or Cuba.

  • WatchingFromOverThere

    Has the author ever been to any of the cities described? It doesn’t sound like it. He probably likes the kinds of suburban areas where, as author Tom Wolfe noted, you can tell you’ve entered a new suburb only because the chain restaurants start repeating.

  • Susanna Thompson

    What kind of an utter fool imbecile wrote this time-wasting garbage? I’ve lived in over half the cities he’s listed, and I can tell it’s like he’s never even visited them, let alone have any real insight into their realities. It’s like he’s quoted every ignorant stereotype some armchair traveler would have of these places. Newsflash, moron, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Boston are some of the most exciting, rewarding, unique and fun places to visit on the planet. Anyone who describes Las Vegas and can’t discuss anything but gambling and drinking is an utter, utter ignorant moron and a total fool.

  • Susanna Thompson

    Did some ignorant fool pay this as shole Stuart Smith to write this incredibly ignorant, pompous, pedantic trash????

  • Carl Loeb

    Every city I’ve lived in is on this list. Born in Portland, lived in Boston and NYC, currently in SF. “Overrated” implies that these cities have come to be highly regarded. And you know what? There’s a reason for that. They’re eclectic, interesting, and dynamic. I’m not gonna name names, but I’ve been to a lot of other cities, and most would kill me with ordinariness.

  • Sean Holver

    Reminds me of the scene from “Billy Madison”: “At no point in [this] rambling, incoherent [article] were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having [read] it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  • jojo bird

    so, basically every major city in the US? that’s dumb. that smug writer must feel pretty good about being soooooo international. haha. what a d-bagger.

    i like how he talks about an “air of superiority” and “pretentiousness” while writing a pretentious list. haha

  • SoxPats

    Is this for real? This must be an internet joke of some kind. He offers
    nothing of any significance. No great restaurants? Dangerous
    neighborhoods? Overpriced attractions? Difficult to navigate? Nothing.
    This is embarrassing. Who is this guy? This has to be a joke. It’s like
    the travelogue equivalence of local news or local advertising. It’s just
    so incredibly amateurish.

  • SerbianIrishYankee

    Seems like this guy just hates hipsters…SF, Portlanf, Austin, Asheville.

    • basilhoff

      Who doesn’t?

      • therza82

        Lots of people, apparently. Those are great cities to live. Not to mention, Denver, and Seattle. All very clean and safe cities.

        Much rather live around Hipsters then seniors or religious fundamentalists, or raging Tea Party people.

        • Brandon Johns

          Much rather live around freedom loving Americans than commies like you.

        • Brandon Johns

          I would much rather live around freedom loving Americans than commies like you.

          • therza82

            Ah yes, everyone who doesn’t have an political ideological belief system that Isn’t to the extreme far right is automatically a communist or Nazi….Of course!

            Believing that healthcare should be a human right and not a privilege, that we should have common sense gun safety laws, that the wealthy should pay their fair share, that we should have a safety net to protect our sick, poor, hungry, old, and disabled, that we only have one planet so we should protect it, that matters of a women’s reproductive system.should be left up to women, their families, and doctors, that gay marriage doesn’t cause the apocalypse, that Obama isnt the Antichrist ARE such insane beliefs! I seriously doubt Stalin released any political ad’s saying that kind of a stuff. He was too busy using his Government to tell people how to live….Kinda of like how the GOP supposedly believes in small Government, yet wants to use that Government to shove medically unnecessary ultrasound wands into women’s Vaginas, take away a woman’s right to make choices regarding her body, prevent schools from teaching sexual education, evolution, or global warming, forcing them to teach creationism, or that all teacher’s should be armed, or to place restrictions on love, tying food stamp benefits to a child’s grade…So much for wanting to do away with Guberment or loving freedom, though.

          • BJ001

            Oh yes and you lefties don’t try to control our healthcare, tell us what food to eat, make our educational choices, tell us what job to have, what car to drive, where to live, etc. You have a lot of nerve talking to me about choice and freedom when outside of abortion and gay marriage you lefties don’t believe in any personal freedom at all.

            BTW if abortions are such a personal matter why are you trying to make taxpayers fund them?

  • Crabtree Nick

    no gainful employment in Miami or Portland? you mean there aren’t many blogs that pay for inane articles?

  • Tracey Moore

    LOL, the traffic in and around Asheville is cake the people who live here know there are about 40 different ways to leave and enter the city, that is because we are a mountain community not laid out in squares but built to compliment the surroundings, yes the Bi-Pass a/k/a 240 is busy between 5:00 and 6:00 like EVERY city in the world but that is it and it is never stand still. Also the people make the place, Asheville is one of the friendliest places on earth and it doesn’t matter what color your hair is or who you’re holding hands with, that makes Asheville unique in itself. As far as parking, yep it is not the best but like someone else said it takes minutes to walk from one end of the city to the other and we are again a mountain community which usually implies a certain amount of outdoor living. We have lots of things in and around the City like boating, canoeing, rafting, kayaking, ya know things oriented around these things we like to call rivers and lakes. Our rivers and lakes are beautiful and clean unlike ALOT of other places in the world and we take pride in them. I spend most weekends on the lake, craft beer in hand boating and jet skiing with friends and family while soaking up the sun. There is also all the hiking, camping, zip lining and things to do which are commonly associated with these mountains I keep referring to. Ya know those large majestic things that surround Asheville and for those of us who live here they kinda get into your soul and you just can’t let go of them. The climate here in Asheville is about as close to perfect as it gets with mild summers and mild winters. Also, the restaurants are amazing, almost all buy from our local organic farmers and ranchers and there are so many different varieties of restaurants to choose from. The area is overflowing with heritage, has a massive arts and crafts community and then there is the beer, amazing home brews which by the way we were neck and neck in the running for Beer City USA, I think we have 13 breweries here now, Sierra Nevada being the newest opening here soon. You can go downtown on a cool summer evening and walk around from place to place trying the different varieties and you see old and young alike sitting around in friendly, jovial conversation with one another (we were after all settled by the Scottish). To anyone who would come here and spend any amount of time and say Asheville is overrated…… where is your soul? Do you not enjoy the beauty that surrounds you or the friendly people who share it with you? Can you not see past the color of someone’s hair or the clothes they wear to the heart of who someone really is? Where is your passion for the beautiful things in life? If you left here without these mountains and it’s people ingrained in your soul the way most people do then perhaps you should wonder if you even have one to touch.

  • Gerald Boesen

    Where is Washington, DC? Truly, an over rated city.

  • Susanna Thompson

    THIS AUTHOR IS A TOTAL AS SHOLE! New York and Las Vegas “overrated”?? Excuuuuse me? What a smug, pretentious know-it-all!!

  • Ally

    I loved this about NY: “It’s expensive, rude, and boisterous. Yes, all the time.” DUH! It’s a fucking city for christ’s sake! The writer of this article obviously just hates cities as a whole. I wouldn’t be surprised if he resides in the middle of South Dakota or somewhere else that’s in the middle of nowhere.

    • tony

      NYC isn’t rude… we may be abrupt and times, and disturbingly honest to strangers… but rude? Not really… i find the tourists and out-of-towners are rude…

      • Brandon Johns

        No, you folks are rude…not to mention crazy…like most lefties.

        • tony

          You know what rude is? Tourists and out-of-towners going to a different city and not trying to get along, acting like their back home manners are ok … when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Whenever I travel I try to find out local customers so I am not a rude arrogant tourist

          • moonmad

            I agree with tony. if I had a buck for everytime i was in a different city, and heard some whiner crying because” it’s not like home” if you wanted home why not stay the fuck where you are ? sheesh !!

  • tom truth

    hey stuart, bite me!

  • tom truth

    is this writer a putz, or what?

  • Dave

    This list is pretty hit and miss. Miami belongs on this list because its largely a boring, fairly impoverished city with a high crime rate. Its not the paradise that many believe it to be. Las Vegas belongs on this list because once you leave the Strip, there isn’t anything there. LA should probably have been #1! It truly is an extremely overrated city. There are some great areas, but most of the city is very ugly, polluted, fairly down trodden and gritty, and in no way resembles the LA that those outside of California believe it to be. It has all the problems of any major American city, but in an area that resembles nothing but a large suburb. The best areas are south of the city of LA- Leguna, Newport, San Clamente. These are the areas of Southern California that tourists would associate with the LA they see on television. The city itself is just a huge disappointment- especially Hollywood, which isn’t even a nice area at all.

    The description of San Francisco being a city only made for protesters and hipsters is ridiculous too. Most San Franciscans have never taken part of any protests and most of the hipsters are just East Coast transplants. SF is definitely made for more than just those people!

  • Patryk_Nogaj

    The most overrated major city in the country is Philadelphia. It’s dirty, crime infested, doesn’t offer much that doesn’t cost a ton of $$$, it smells, and half of it’s populace look like pissed-off chimney sweeps. The center of center city is nice, everything else is a wasteland. You have to drive at least 45 minutes from center city to find a decent suburb.

    • gltoffic

      On this I agree 100% Enough said.

  • Dan Sprague

    Has this clown even been to these cities? It seems like he’s just regurgitating tired stereotypes. LA is full of culture and interesting people. Austin is fantastic, with one of the best music scenes in the country. The term “hipster” is so over-used I don’t even really know what it means anymore and I don’t think the writer knows either. NYC over-rated?, How can one of the great cities of the world be over-rated? As for the people being rude, again just a long-since played out stereotype. If you get away from the really obvious tourist traps you’ll find wonderful, real, spirited people who will treat you like their best friend. Seriously D^ckhead, do some research and open your mind.

  • moonmad

    NYC ? you want expesive and rude ? try BERLIN. yeah I know different continent, but just sayin…