10 Awesome Houseboat Neighborhoods Around the World


4. Tomahawk Island -Portland, Oregon

Another popular floating neighborhood is situated near Tomahawk Island in Portland where there are rows of float homes along the banks of the Columbia River in North Portland Harbor. With grocery stores, restaurants and boutiques only a paddle ride away, the area is considered an urban paradise right on the water. Portland is also regarded by many as one of the top 10 most desirable cities in which to live, and it’s no wonder with the Pacific Coast just a short car ride away. Another plus is the fact that there is no sales tax, thanks to Portland voters rejecting sales tax proposals year after year. Also, floating home residents are not required to pay property taxes, so hooray for the double tax freebies. Get ready for the future in a floating village with civilization just a kayak ride away.

3. Union Lake -Seattle, Washington

The floating home neighborhood of Union Lake might look familiar since it was the home of the Tom Hanks character in the classic rom com Sleepless in Seattle. Although no new homes can be moored at Union Lake due to a 1990 city ordinance, many float homes on the perimeter of Union Lake are available to rent or buy. In fact, there are several realtors that specialize in premier real estate of the floating variety like Seattle Afloat. Situated between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, the neighborhood puts you right outside downtown Seattle. Rowing is also popular and you might catch the University of Washington team training for the Olympics on any given day. Just like in the movies, the sense of adventure and romance is contagious with the constant influx of seaplanes, wildlife, and beautiful natural wonders. So go ahead, book a float house on your next trip and be the star of your own romantic comedy.

Union Lake, Washington
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