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10 Awesome Houseboat Neighborhoods Around the World

Forever imprinting on hearts and minds is Otis Redding and his famous “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”, the nostalgic tune that reminds us to waste some time by the water. Otis was right, there is something about a houseboat that inspires unforgettable evenings beneath the purple and pink hues of a glorious sunset. So it’s not surprising that floating house neighborhoods are often chosen as the backdrops to classic romantic comedy’s like Sleepless In Seattle. With houseboat neighborhoods situated on lakes, rivers, and bays all over the world, it’s time to forget hotels and conventional houses and opt for a new perspective.

10. Stony Lake -Ontario, Canada

Two hours from Toronto in Peterborough County is Stony Lake, which consists of three interconnected lakes–Clear Lake to the southwest, Stony Lake in the center, and Upper Stony Lake to the northeast. For nature lovers looking to get away from urban centers, this sparsely populated area is the perfect refuge. The rocky banks present design challenges for floating houses, but GH3, a Toronto-based architecture firm, used these obstacles to their advantage. The boathouse, which has been featured in several design magazines and blogs, is used as photography studio. An altered version of the contemporary glass house, the structure gets constant natural diffused light. It also was built on a granite foundation in order to use its thermal mass to heat the space naturally, keeping it warm on winter days. Plus, the sliding glass windows allows for ventilation through the façade, sending in gentle breezes off the lake.

9. Lake Austin -Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas might be known for its university and thriving music scene, but it also is home to Lake Austin, a hidden water haven popular among boaters, kayakers, and nature enthusiasts. As part of the reservoir on the Colorado River, the lake is also used for flood control and electrical power generation. With views of forest-covered hills in the distance and the tranquil lake at your fingertips, Austin’s only floating community is full of all types of buoyant structures from modern, two story mansions to quaint tugboat-inspired cottages and cabins. Some are built onto docks while others are moored in the lake. Surrounded by water, this floating neighborhood is an oasis for a variety of waterfowl and birds that have made a home among the kayakers and houseboats. As far as water civilizations go, Lake Austin has it all.

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